Areas of Need

If psychological needs are not satisfied in childhood, you will be burdened for life. They become a taboo subject.

Affection and Love

No one likes to admit when they get only little love or affection.

Understanding and Learning

No one likes to admit that their father or mother did not read to them or explain how important learning at school is in preparing for life.

Participation in Life

Even less flattering is when you have to admit that you have never learned to be socially present, to get involved in public institutions or to “survive” in a sports club.

Carefreeness and Serenity

is demanded on all sides, nobody admits any more that he/she cannot afford it at all.

The fact that creativity promotes everyday life and health is largely trivialized.

Identity is built up by reference persons. And what if they were hardly there and you had to orientate yourself to strangers?

Arguing parents, divorces, lack of a steady home – those things do not contribute to the development of identity. Permanent computer games can be entertaining or reduce aggression – but they are no solution.

And yet identity emerges from all these experiences. NIKU is the solution to all these problems. Every person can build a strong identity.


If one believes the fact that three successive generations suffer from the fate of their predecessors, then all of us in this world are still affected by wars.

We have all absorbed fear with our mother’s milk. NIKU helps to make these invisible chains burst. The desire for courage in us does not sleep.

Perhaps the Millennium Generation is the first to redefine our understanding of the world. Has this generation understood what is important in psychic development? NIKU sheds light here.


Hopefully, if you’re ever knocked down, it’s “only” physically. At least you can talk about it openly. No physician talks about how physical health is related to unsatisfied needs. Satisfied needs bring well-being and harmony.

Material Wealth

The loss of strength through a hole in the stomach, because one can hardly bear the psychological pain: not a great predisposition to build material prosperity!

To build material prosperity without inheritance you need solid nerves, mental strength and health.

NIKU brings with it resources that affect the building of material prosperity and security.