Tech talent is scarce in the industry and most tech professionals are aware of this fact. The industry has become competitive by trying to offer the best benefits to attract and keep the best talent. So, these benefits have become the norm for tech professionals. Most of them expect them in their contract, and if not, they will probably look elsewhere. And these are in addition to the standard benefits that you can find in any other industry like 401K or health insurance.

Flexible Conditions

Having flexible working hours, flexible locations, and other options is common in the tech industry. Many professionals choose the tech industry for its unorthodox practices. They want out of the rat race but still need some security. Many companies don’t have a set nine to five schedule. They let their employees choose their working hours and what works best for them, even if it is working remotely.

Room to Grow

Because top tech talent is so highly valued, and they know it, most tech professionals look for job opportunities where they can grow. This shortage situation means being able to gain enough experience and apply for leadership roles in a few years. If an employee sees that he doesn’t have opportunities for internal promotion, he or she will probably look for other jobs. And because tech professionals are always looking for better options, a company should make sure to make everything possible to keep them. 

Caregiver Leave

This benefit has become common in tech companies, the option to take time off to give a caregiver. It can be a sick child, family member, or elderly parent. It is an incredible benefit that many tech professionals look for depending on their family situation. It is tough to maintain proper productivity levels when having a stressful family situation. 

Wellness Program

A wellness program is a must for any tech company that wants to attract top tech talent. Some companies offer gym memberships, massage rooms, nap rooms, free therapy sessions, acupuncture, a bonus to invest in yourself and your wellbeing, and so on. Google, for example, offers free fitness classes at the office. Adobe has fitness centers at some of its offices, and it provides a $350 per year reimbursement for gym memberships, in addition to massages, bike share memberships, nutritional counseling, and so on. 

Parent and Adoption Leave

This benefit can vary from company to company. But on average, tech professionals can have from two to six months of paid parental leave. This benefit includes mothers and fathers that had a new baby, adopted, or foster care. There are some companies outside of the norm like Netflix that gives an outstanding paid parental leave of twelve months for new parents.

Career Development

Career development benefits are widespread in the tech industry, considering that new technologies come up all the time. Tech professionals have to keep up to date with their skills. Companies sometimes offer their training programs to achieve this. Other times they provide reimbursement for courses or yearly bonuses for employees to spend on their career development. Adobe, for example, gives up to $1,000 payment for online classes, coding bootcamps, workshops, or conferences.

Student Debt Reimbursement

This benefit starts to become a trend in the last few years. Most professionals in the US are drowning in student debt, so tech companies began giving their workers tuition reimbursement benefits that can be anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per year. Also, some companies provide the option to help their employees do student loan refinancing. Other companies like Amazon have their educational institution where the company covers 95% of tuition for up to five years to the right candidates.

Family Services

Family service benefits include things like childcare at the office, reimbursement for fertility treatments, adoption aid, and much more. Facebook, for example, provides a $4,000 bonus for new parents plus reimbursement for egg-freezing procedures or adoptions. Some companies include pets in the benefits, and others have programs to help you save for your child’s education. Other companies go even farther by offering autism disorder support programs and transportation of breast milk for new mothers.

Pet-Friendly Office

At last, one of the most liked benefits in the industry is to work at pet-friendly offices. That way, employees won’t have to let their pets alone for long hours. Besides, for someone that loves animals, working around other pets will be a dream.