Margit M. Schreier - NIKU Founder


I was born as the youngest of three siblings and grew up in a large family in an idyllic village near the Oder River in Silesia.

School and Vocation

The Wirtschaftsgymnasium was an important step towards independence. Right after graduation I started working for a bank but I wanted to study. So I packed my suitcase and moved to Germany, alone at the age of 19.

This was not unusual for our family, because we already had relatives in Vienna and Cologne.

I studied social work at the University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg, then psychology at the University of Trier and Freiburg, and then restructuring and value enhancement management at the Technical University of Nuremberg.

I already dealt with neuroscience during my studies. I think it is a mutual love. I have gained a great deal from the findings of these disciplines and, conversely, I hope that with the help of NIKU I can move the hearts of many people.


I earned my money as an independent management consultant.


I recharge my batteries while hiking in the mountains, in nature, walking by the sea, staying in Rome or Athens. A cosy get-together with friends, good food and lots of sleep give me the strength to realize the NIKU Project.


When I visited Professor Markowitsch with a finished concept for NIKU, we quickly came to the conclusion that a scientific justification was needed.

We presented this in the book “Reframing of Needs” Psychische Neuroimplantate Heidelberg 2019.