Academy for Mental Neuroimplants

Expert Training


Reframing of needs is a responsible process. It must not be applied to other people – neither with or without their consent.

It is advisable to have already understood the process ( and the underlying theory ) for yourself, to know the studies, or to exchange ideas with like-minded people in the group.

NIKU needs experts in every country in order to advise users well and to meet the demand for further training for self-awareness in the field of Mental Neuroimplants.

For this reason, NIKU offers comprehensive training that not only conveys neuroscientific knowledge, but also examines legal aspects and takes socio-political circumstances into account.

“Expert Training” builds on the knowledge already acquired in “User Training”. This training ends with an oath.

Reframing of needs in the sense of NIKU must not be carried out by one person to another. For this reason, mental hygiene has top priority.

Our mental life is invisible, but clearly perceptible. It needs firm foundations. These only become powerful as soon as psychological needs are satisfied.

Man has no disorders, but unsatisfied needs.

If these are satisfied, man can release strength to realize his life.

Starting with the User Training, you will soon gain the ability to work on your own needs in such a way that you experience a positive change in your psychological consistency (strength) right from the start.

During the Expert Training track, further teaching material will be provided in order to better understand the development of the individual in the overall context and to be able to teach it to others.

A large part of the work is group work – learning from others – and self-awareness. The knowledge acquired in theory seminars about needs and possibilities of satisfying needs will be put into practice.

This will be accompanied under supervision.