Academy for Mental Neuroimplants

Training for Users and Experts

Overview - Training for Users

You are curious and want to learn more about the psyche? The NIKU training offers the basis for a better understanding of the functions of your psyche.

During the training, there will be a reference to literary studies, among other things, and we will deal with the oldest medium of communication: telling stories!

In addition, the dangers of the current, surrounding environment are examined:

  • Hidden, addictive elements in social media, smartphones or video games
  • Advertising and deep psychological market analyses
  • Personality development and current offers incl. “Power of the monopolies”.

Course Plan

Theory 1


  • Neurosciences and NIKU Part 1 Basic Elements (Brain Structure, Emotions, Imprinting)
  • Neurosciences and NIKU Part 2 (Memory, Remembrance, False Memory)
Instructor: Neuroscientist

Theory 2


  • How are we being influenced – Storytelling of brands, bloggers, social media
  • Personal Storytelling – Development of your own brand as a personality. Acquire the competence to position yourself in life.
Topics: Storytelling market analysis, advertising, hidden addictive elements in social media, games, smartphone use.
Your own emotional life and experience, influence on the outside world, role models and needs 
Instructor: Psychologist, Advertising Marketing

Theory 3

Building Scenarios

  • Literature and Neurosciences. Telling stories, from story to script, novels, documentaries, films, stories – what do they have in common? The journey of a hero – how has it shaped our culture, what is in it for us and how does it promote our lethargy?
  • Storytelling for the personal brand
Instructor: Literary scholar, Marketing Psychologist

Theory 4

NIKU App 1

Psychological Needs and Mental Neuroimplants

Instructor: NIKU-Founder Margit M. Schreier

Theory 5

NIKU App 2

NIKU Mentor
Instructor: NIKU-Founder Margit M. Schreier

Theory 6

Trauma Areal

  • Trauma – an event that transforms and needs attention
  • Trauma und Prevention
Instructor: NIKU-Founder Margit M. Schreier


Above all, this includes developing a positive attitude towards oneself for one’s own life, as well as the inner decision to make the best of one’s own life. 
This means aligning biographical memories in such a way that life is experienced in harmony with emotion and mind.

Work Groups

Working on Mental Neuroimplants is pleasant when you experience a benevolent environment. Here, groups are formed according to the topics that interest individual users.

Expert Training

The training as an expert for Mental Neuroimplants builds on the “User Training” and offers additional seminars, group work and self-awareness.


199 Euros per course (duration: 1 day each)

Your Instructor


Margit M. Schreier

NIKU-Founder and Instructor of the NIKU Academy

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