When the bond breaks, so does the monarchy – as recent reports of Prince Harry’s second interview show. Generational struggles have always existed, it seems to be the march of time. Yet it is almost always the psychological constitution that decides how things turn out. As usual!

What Prince Harry describes, what he and according to his statement also his mother should have suffered from, is not the described suffering of an affected person, but the language of a psychologist. In his opinion, it is about the psychological patterns that can be transmitted from generation to generation, such as compulsions, which he probably diagnoses himself. Whether this is diagnosis of his doctors, that is unknown. That being said, there is nothing unusual about his account, every single one of us goes through this. Or can you decide where they are born into? Now we all have a choice: you can make family experiences negative or you can tackle life.

Prince Harry portrays it as if psychic transference can only be broken by publicly pillorying one’s parents. He is supported in his statements by psychologists – yet this approach is not the only way. With NIKU, he could have had both: royalty and freedom (both inner and outer).

Prince Harry and Generational Repetition

Psychiatry and psychotherapy give people explanations of their well-being, issues such as obsessive transference, generational repetition, etc. However, these are all not facts, but observable patterns that have not been researched. I have not found any study that would say that generational conflicts play out this way and not otherwise. If you want to interrupt the transmission of relationship patterns, the first step is to become aware of it. And that seems to be the case with Harry. But with that, half the work is done. After that, you just go down the path of the self-discovery.

Since we have research from neuroscience, there is more clarity about what is going on inside us. These are facts and data that say how our brain works, or how the endocrine system reacts, or whether our memory accurately reflects what took place. That’s an incredible amount of facts that these theories that Prince Harry makes us believe pale in comparison.

Prince Harry, Monarchy and Freedom

Monarchy and freedom have never been compatible. There are such strong cultural and historical realities that you grow up with that you can’t bring them down to a simple level of father-child relationship. Yet there is not a single psychologist in the world who can show studies on how such a past could be psychologically worked through. This unique father-mother-child constellation or the influence of the grandparents on the bonds and relationships are unique. It is easy as a treating psychologist to creep into the emotions and suffering of the childhood experiences and to badmouth the others. An unfortunate example of a failed psychotherapeutic treatment.

Prince Harry sees himself as a victim and wants to get out of it. There is nothing wrong with that. On his way out of the situation, he apparently feels such enormous aggression and anger that – in a figurative sense – he “drops bombs” from impotence. These are processes that a successful psychotherapy must be able to absorb! In Harry’s case, unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. It is beyond our knowledge how Prince Harry is accompanied in his psychological suffering and for what reason this is brought out into the public.

If we are already with the psychology, then one should name everything. Because monarchy is by no means a necessary evil these days, but an enormously important institution from a psychological point of view. It gives very many people the backbone and an inner support. It goes beyond the family and gives millions of people support and dignity. It does people good to have something to look up to, to feel good about, to sympathize with. These are all necessary emotions that we wouldn’t have without a monarchy. I am sure that if there are people in the country to look up to, the atmosphere of the country can contribute to more elegance, dignity and pride for everyone.

NIKU and Mental Free

Problems such as those described by Prince Harry are probably more related to the psychological constitution. Every person needs inner caregivers who are benevolent and thus make up the inner voice. NIKU helps with its approach to stay psychologically healthy. The help is simple and also cost-affordable for everyone.

At some point, Prince Harry will understand that he acted out of immaturity. If he never admits this to himself, then he will all the more pass on to his children what he thinks he can avoid today. Because love is forgiveness. He still seems to have a long way to go.

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