Promote Your Psychological Development at Every Stage of Need.

The NIKU App supports you in identifying unmet needs and offers tools for stabilizing your personality and psyche.

Put your emotional and psychological needs first with us

The pursuit of happiness often seems like a far-fetched idea for those who struggle to maintain work-life balance—this crucial balance can be disrupted by a slight tip of the scale that can send your world tumbling down. Similarly, focusing too intently on one aspect of your life can leave several important things in your life unchecked. This causes you to unknowingly undermine things that are fundamental for your growth, prosperity, and happiness. So, what can one do when they’re knee-deep in indecisiveness, uncertainty, and hopelessness?

What if we told you there was a way to prioritize your personal needs for the sake of your mental and physical well-being? With the NIKU Mentor app, you can “reframe” your personal needs in a new context to improve your mental strength and resilience. Our personal and psychological stabilization app uses a holistic concept that incorporates a range of psychological exercises that can help you sustain your personal needs by prioritizing mental health and happiness in the face of daunting hopelessness. The psychological consultation app also customizes your experiences by using an algorithm that focuses on individual need profiles.

So, download our personal life coach app today!