What Are Mental Neuroimplants?

Planting thoughts – the idea is not new.

Implanting thoughts or scenarios (exclusively for oneself) with the aim of satisfying needs and thus influencing the personality structure on one’s own – this has only been possible with the NIKU App so far.

This requires an emotional concept. This concept is offered by the NIKU App.

The term “Mental Neuroimplants” is intriguing to the world of science as well and the first studies are already being carried out.

Mental Neuroimplants are inner, emotional experiences.

It is the part of the emotional attention that people receive naturally from their caregivers, with the result that they go through life psychologically strong – in contrast to others who have not experienced this attention.

If you are careful with Mental Neuroimplants, you can use them to help you get started in life and reduce the distance to the people you look up to.

No one has experienced the satisfaction of all their needs in life. After evaluation by the NIKU App, users can choose scenarios for themselves in 64 areas to satisfy their own needs in retrospect.

My suggestion: away from paternalism in mental development. NIKU makes it easy to understand the emotional concept you need to develop psychologically.

The results speak for themselves: higher self-esteem, self-confidence, natural assertiveness, the ability to love and much more.

A healthy basic structure of the psyche strengthens the gut feeling and makes it possible to make the right decisions.