What is Concept of Emotion?

Since the launch of the NIKU Test Battery, Tests and Individual Interviews have been used extensively. What is striking? 

We observe the following, among other things:
– Self-esteem troubles people, is much too low, significantly below average.
– The link between “low self-esteem” and well-being is linear.
– The ability to be alone increases proportionally to self-esteem.

Living happily and successfully means making a habit of doing what makes you feel good. Self-esteem is formed in early childhood, before one can speak. It comes from hugging, caring, from the way you are carried. These are the first moments that one witnesses without being able to influence them. 

The central question to NIKU users, which they ask themselves, is: “As an adult person, do I have an idea of what I should have received at that time, so that I would have received the best conditions for my psychological development?” This conception makes every Uster predestined to use NIKU tools, be it the app NIKU Inception or the diaries of childhood “Reframing of childhood”.

NIKU Emotional Concept has a firm basis, which is scientifically founded in “Reframing of Needs”. Every person can increase his self-love. By observing the natural parameters and following the NIKU principles, what makes a person: self-love and a social being becomes a habit.