The NIKU Method: Stimulating Brain Processes For Happiness And Success

The first possibility ever to change one’s past and let it become benign – so that the wounds of childhood heal with dignity and happiness and success belong to the purpose of life.

Goals in life and happiness need content for the future and traces in the brain. With NIKU App, everyone can find their individual mentor for every matter.

The structure of the NIKU App is based on neuroscientific principles. These are clearly described and displayed.

Happiness is not a matter of luck

NIKU is a new method of personal development
based on brain research for the interested self-user.

The users of the app design scenarios themselves,
in which those wishes will come true in the actual
biography retrospectively which have remained unfulfilled

“Mental Neuroimplants”, is supposed to help to anchor positive memories retrospectively in our psyche, which strengthen us mental and give us the opportunity to grow beyond our deficits