The NIKU Method: Stimulating Brain Processes For Happiness And Success

The first possibility ever to change one’s past and let it become benign – so that the wounds of childhood heal with dignity and happiness and success belong to the purpose of life.

Goals in life and happiness need content for the future and traces in the brain. With NIKU App, everyone can find their individual mentor for every matter.

The structure of the NIKU App is based on neuroscientific principles. These are clearly described and displayed.

Happiness is not a matter of luck

NIKU is a new method of personal development
based on brain research for the interested self-user.

The users of the app design scenarios themselves,
in which those wishes will come true in the actual
biography retrospectively which have remained unfulfilled

“Mental Neuroimplants”, is supposed to help to anchor positive memories retrospectively in our psyche, which strengthen us mental and give us the opportunity to grow beyond our deficits

This book addresses the interested layperson with a novel approach to personality development based on brain research. It shows how mental health is based on neuroscientific principles and how it can be stabilized and strengthened by a novel approach using the example of the Psychic Neuroimplants©.

The effect of positive emotional worlds on the brain and on mental consistency is illustrated to the reader in the form of scenarios. It is shown how these affect the improvement of life.

The authors point out that individual lifestyles entail long-term physical, environmentally induced changes – which can even be effective across generations.

The central message of the book is to provide guidance on how to become aware of needs such as emotions, health, material well-being, and how to harness them through the use of mental neuroimplants.

Margit Margarete Schreier has been the owner of the NIKU brand and the associated
Company: NIKU Neuro AG and NIKU Academy. She studied restructuring and
Value enhancement management at the Georg Simon Ohm Management Institute, Technical
Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences.

Before that, he studied psychology at the university and social work at the
University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg. Many years of interest in the neurosciences led her to
Decision to launch the NIKU product on the market

Since 2018 training courses on NIKU® Psychic Neuroimplants have been held.

The book “NIKU Method” has the following structure:


Satisfy the longing of the past. Our motto is: appreciation and complement. We have all received that from life which made us the people we have become. For this we deserve thanks and appreciation. And if things didn’t go so well, needs remained.

Every person feels what he or she is missing and every person carries within them the idea of how it would feel if the need were to be satisfied. We have the possibility to create a surrounding atmosphere for the inner child at any age, to supply the psychic food. Because the longing may have been there for a long time. We have 63 examples of psychic needs that take into account the longing of the past.


Reality is not always easy, you can quickly lose sight of the essential. With the newly gained strength, real goals must now be pursued. Because the brain is hungry and it remains so for life. The brain cells do not like it when they are underchallenged. Education, challenge, commitment and positive surrounding atmosphere, that is the right food for the brain.

Some people have already achieved this. There are many who deserve to be looked up to. We do this already as children and we can keep it for life. Because mirror neurons are active for life. In the NIKU app, the pulse generators have it in them that they are always there when you need them.


The thing I learned in my studies is that disturbances have priority. If a small child runs away from its mummy, stumbles and falls on its nose, then comes back, clings to its mummy until the fright is over.

Anyone who has been able to keep this up as an adult has fulfilled the first prerequisite for coming to terms with traumatic experiences. More on this in chapter three.


For those interested in learning more about the background, you will find many reasons, examples and brain food here and in our book: Reframing Needs – Psychic Neuroimplants, Springer Verlag 2019. Here is my interpretation of the findings, which are presented in a very simple way. So that you and I can understand it.


What would life be without stories! We would miss so much. But maybe we live too few stories? Stories are the central element of the NIKU Method. Because stories give us psychological nourishment, pave the way into the future and open up the imagination. Because one motto is certain: we can only achieve what we can imagine. You will learn this in chapter five.