Reframing & Repairing

“Reframing” puts one’s personal needs in a new context. This innovative approach is meant to improve mental strength and resilience.

Needs are active and only partially controllable processes in the human psyche. Both psychological and physiological needs can and should be satisfied. Those who are thirsty need to drink. How this works for psychological needs will be explained here.

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Every person has had relationships and experiences in their biography that have fully or partially satisfied their needs. That’s a source of vitality. However, where needs were not satisfied or a caregiver’s attention was too consuming or too dominant, the individual’s psyche has been weakened.

Every need that has been satisfied is preceded by action. In the NIKU process, with the App NIKU Inception we call them “scenarios”. Scenarios belong to a mental framework. These can be shaped by reframing, thus creating a pleasant environment. 

Feed your mind new scenarios to change your thoughts. With the help of this “mental power food”, your needs can be satisfied in retrospect. This is also called “mental aftercare”.

Psychological needs can best be satisfied in relationships. These relationships can also be of a purely mental/virtual nature. 

Evolution has come up with the following concept: the idea of fulfilling needs alone changes the endocrine system and advances psychological development. With the App NIKU Inception, you can develop wish scenarios and let them become a reality.