Target Groups

Young people

Too much time spent on a smartphone means spending lifetime in a tunnel.

We suspect that social media and smartphone activities correlate with young people not knowing how to develop their personality, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Finding alternatives, setting goals, not wasting life energy. Visualizing what can be fun. 

“How can I become independent, take care of myself, what do I have to learn in order to be more independent, to take life into my own hands?

NIKU is ideal for understanding what you need to be psychologically healthy and powerful.


Parents want the best for their children. However, no single parent can give everything to their children.

Parents must have the courage to ask adolescents about their psychological needs. Don’t be afraid of rejection!

Talking about the psyche does not mean: “You have a screw loose”. Psychic strength must not be a taboo subject. To align and develop these processes must become a natural part of everyday life. If parents learn to deal with NIKU, they will be able to be more open towards their children.

“Vision Board” in NIKU can be the beginning of a process where the end goal is to visualize: “What do we want to achieve”. Sharing common NIKU Mentors can provide topics for conversation and bonding.


Seeing a partner as a replacement parent is not really beneficial for a relationship. To satisfy psychological needs and to unburden the partner, to support him in his development and not to forget himself in the process – that is empowerment by NIKU. 

People with low self-esteem

People with a low self-esteem find it difficult to gain a foothold in our society. They chase every opportunity and usually come out empty-handed. Many of them become ill and are being diagnosed with “artificial disorder”. In short, nobody takes care of them.

Low self-esteem arises above all when one has received too little affection, love and attention from caregivers. This can be remedied with NIKU.

Contact us personally by email. If there is a sufficient number of interested people, we will conduct a workshop that offers a group support in addition to NIKU competence.


People become confused with too many different diagnoses.

It doesn’t matter if it’s depression or burnout, if you suffer from amnesia or if you have received one of the other, hard-to-understand diagnoses by your doctor.

To come to terms with a diagnosis is okay. But many people don’t know how to get out of it. Psychotherapy does not always help and you are left to your own devices.

We assume that there are no disorders, but unmet needs. So we invite everyone to use NIKU. NIKU is NOT psychotherapy and is used responsibly and individually – so there is no dependence on the doctor. Nobody except you knows what is good for you.

It is the user himself who alone decides which offers he accepts and how he carries out the processes.

New Media

Our appeal: “Take life in your hands, not just your smartphone!”

We assume that processes of psychological development want to be understood.

Whether it’s the Millennium Generation, or those born before or after it, everyone should understand where psychic power comes from and what they need to do to stay psychically powerful throughout their lives.


With NIKU, you learn to control yourself intelligently and to build up resources.

Those who think they have no needs will sooner or later turn in circles in the haze of their own insights – hopefully not for too long.

Anyone who wants to be successful in life has to take the management of their own internal representatives into their own hands.

Trainees, Students

NIKU is the right place for those who are afraid of learning and want to perfect their psychological development that was not completed at this age.

The ability to finish things, to overcome learning anxiety, to defy examination anxiety – all these are developmental stages directly related to unfulfilled needs.


University graduate, shared nationality, high intelligence, high emotional competence, various additional trainings and high problem solving competence.

For more than 15 years, I have worked with medium-sized companies, managing directors and board members. My profession: Change Manager.

I became intrigued by this question: “What makes the difference: who will be successful and who won’t? Why does one earn 30,000 and the other a few million a year?

NIKU gives answers.

Entrepreneurs, Managers

If a manager is not an entrepreneurial type, then this person is in the wrong place! Think proactively, take care of yourself and strive for the success of your company, your employees and yourself.

This attitude can be strengthened with NIKU.

Many managers are fakes. With NIKU they receive the necessary inner guidance, which can form a charismatic and strong personality in combination with the ingenious appearance these people have.

In my long practice as a consultant, I have coached several managing directors and board members. Failure lies in psychological weakness. That’s why NIKU was founded.


Self-employed persons are not entrepreneurs. There are worlds between managing several employees and self-employment, which requires completely different skills.

This also includes people who have a practice. These can be psychological, physiotherapeutic or medical practices. Law firms also fall into this category.

All these people, including management consultants, freedom-loving artists and many other professional groups, whom I cannot name due to lack of space, will find support and structure with NIKU in order to successfully carry out their independent work powerfully – without exhausting themselves.


We all have to make money. The question is how and in what way. NIKU helps to check which strengths a person can develop – in addition to what he has recognized in himself to this day.

NIKU stands for psychic development, which brings each person further. It is important to open up potentials that one cannot see or achieve oneself.

NIKU stands for psychic development, which equals personal advancement. The aim is to develop potentials that one cannot see or achieve oneself.

With the help of the NIKU App it is possible to recognize further potentials and to achieve goals.

People Who Are Alone

People who live alone and have no one – there are more than you think. These people are close to my heart. NIKU opens up new possibilities to experience oneself and to see the world with fresh eyes.

So far, this group has fallen through all the cracks and never received any support. That changes with NIKU.

Expats and Immigrants

NIKU gives strength and creates new resources – even if initially, is limited to psychological support, which in turn maintains mental health.

At a later stage of integration into a new society, NIKU can do a great deal for the user in the area of NIKU Mentors.

This difference of nations and cultures can be better understood with NIKU. With NIKU, it is possible to get closer to the new structures and to better understand fellow human beings.