Why Reframing of Needs?

With the help of NIKU, everyone can catch up where they have missed out in their lives so far. The initiator of the NIKU project, Margit M. Schreier, says:

“You have a choice. Either you carry the burden from your own biography through life and are content with the standard of living (possibilities, compulsions, dependencies, etc.) that arises from your current strength or you accept the new, unique possibilities that arise through NIKU and turn your life into a flow of continued successes, personal growth and inner satisfaction. Fulfilled psychological needs free up more power for the essential, more independence and more self-determination in a world that is dominated by external factors outside of one's control”.

Reframing provides more affection and confidence. Build your identity, step-by-step, and on your own terms. Meet your psychological needs and make the most of your life!