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NIKU is based on neuropsychological principles and helps people achieve greater well-being and psychological strength.

Promote Your Mental Development
with NIKU and XPOWERof10

With NIKU you implant the missing memories of childhood. XPOWERof10 SELF-TRAINING is available for "Mental Development" not only for champions.

Every person can fundamentally create their personality at any time and without any help. Many people seize the opportunity to re-orient themselves. This involves:
– “re-thinking” themselves
– “re-discovering” their natural personality
–  reflecting and re-defining dependencies
– positioning themselves powerfully in life;
With NIKU Inception and with XPOWERof10, every user can now seize new growth opportunities. Personal accompaniment is possible at any time. Complete discretion is guaranteed. 

Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists
​and Brain Research

The conversation in English.
- Reporter:
The conscious experience is only the tip of the iceberg; we’ve already known that for a long time.
- Professor Roth: Yes, but who knows that? I come into contact with philosophers, theologians and human scientists in many discussions in my day-to-day life, and they do not believe it.

- Professor Roth:
I find it extremely shocking to hear how their arguments are virtually solely comprised of humanistic, dualistic approaches. Nearly 90% of the philosophers I deal with are like that. As I said, I am often invited to discussions, and I am always shocked by psychiatrists and psychologists. Let me share a brief example: I participated in the Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks in Lindau by Lake Constance for 12 years, giving a multitude of lectures and seminars on the mind, psyche and brain. At the closing event after 12 years, we held a discussion in a small group in which I was joined by some psychiatrists and psychotherapists. At some point, reluctance started to rear its head – in a large auditorium of 400, 500 people – and someone called out to me and Professor Cierpka, the director, and said: “That’s all well and good – so are we all supposed to become brain researchers now? We’re human scientists, after all. The mind has nothing to do with the brain, nothing to do with psyche either; it has nothing to do with the brain!” This was met with frenetic applause – and it was then that I knew something that I can tell you is definitely true: almost all psychiatrists – and fewer, but still many, psychotherapists – take a solely humanistic approach, at least where their work is concerned.

More Happiness and Success

Love Your Live

The adversity of everyday life is unbearable for many people, one needs the memory of warmth to endure the cold reality. If the warm “psychic cushion” is missing, the subconscious works at full speed against the own ego. Self-esteem is caved in, self-confidence weak if one has not been encouraged, be it in learning, playing or finding out what one really likes. Happiness remains out of reach, success is hard to realize. Fear blocks positive impulses and paralyzes what could be positive.

You can help yourself with NIKU and XPOWERof10 SELF-TRAINING.

Completing Memories

We mistakenly believe that when childhood is over, memories are the ones that remain.
Science tells us that memories change. Memories do not stay the way we experienced them for life. This fact of “false memories” gave me the idea to bring forth NIKU.
Before NIKU, we had no way to complete childhood needs on our own. With NIKU you relive childhood and adolescence as it is good for you.

Love Your Success

Responsibility and devotion grow from memories. NIKU is the path to self-discovery. You mend the tapestry of your childhood with elements of care and nurturing that you lacked, and emerge stronger. Positive experiences become a habit and positively displace your life. Right after that, the XPOWERof10 SELF-TRAINING begins.

We are looking for test subjects for our scientific study! In September, the first test phase will enter into the practical study phase.
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Our App NIKU Inception for Android & iOS are currently being tested for usability.