Turn Your Wishes into Reality!

NIKU is based on neuropsychological principles and helps people achieve greater well-being and psychological strength.

Focussing on Needs

“I wish I could grow past my own limitations”—you often find people murmuring this to themselves, holding out hope for a change they don’t expect to see.

While this may sound unlikely, it’s possible to satisfy the psychological needs in your life with the help of the NIKU method. 

One’s psychological as well as physical needs have to be satisfied to be happy and fulfilled. This holds true in retrospect, even if a person has experienced little closeness or recognition in childhood. Science shows that through so-called “Reframing”, positive memories can be implanted retrospectively and one’s psychological strength can be increased. 

NIKU is an online psychological counselor or a life coach that will show you how to view your life in a differentiated way and how to reshape your thinking. You will identify your needs individually, evaluate the extent to which they have been fulfilled, and develop measures to satisfy the unfulfilled ones.


David (name changed) is 25 years old, has already completed his training as an industrial clerk and is currently working on his master's degree...
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Our apps for Android & iOS are currently being tested for usability.


We are looking for test subjects for our scientific study! In September, the first test phase will enter into the practical study phase.
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NIKU Tools


Evaluate your needs with the help of different scenarios and short stories.

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NIKU Academy

Education and training program for users of NIKU and Mental Neuroimplants

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The Book

A novel approach to personal development based on brain research.

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