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NIKU is based on neuropsychological principles and helps people achieve greater well-being and psychological strength.

Promote Your Mental Development

Every person can fundamentally create their personality at any time and without any help. After a pandemic, many people seize the opportunity to re-orient themselves. This involves:
– “re-thinking” themselves
– “re-discovering” their natural personality
–  reflecting and re-defining dependencies
– positioning themselves powerfully in life;
With NIKU Inception, every user can now seize new growth opportunities. Personal accompaniment is possible at any time. Complete discretion is guaranteed.

For More Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

How can I believe in myself, how do I discover my own strengths, how can I trust myself? Self-love – can it be learned? Psychology about mindfulness and resilience does not heal the wounds of childhood.
When the time of childhood is over, is there anything I can do? Or will I have to resign myself to what I was born with or not born with? Will my dreams fall by the wayside? Emotions overtake one when there is a lack of attention, love or security. The adversity of everyday life is unbearable for many people, one needs the memory of warmth to endure the cold reality. If the warm “psychic cushion” is missing, the subconscious works at full speed against the own ego. Self-esteem is caved in, self-confidence weak if one has not been encouraged, be it in learning, playing or finding out what one really likes. Happiness remains out of reach, success is hard to realize. Fear blocks positive impulses and paralyzes what could be positive.

Puberty – people often talk about overtaxed parents and equally overtaxed teenagers. But why? What exactly is it all about? In books on the subject of puberty, expressions such as “war of nerves” appear, and in Germany, even the term “Pubertier” (pubescent animal) has been coined. There are reports of restlessness and incapacity on the part of both parents and children. Puberty is actually, however, an exciting process of maturation in which young people want nothing more than to be seen and understood and to be allowed to set themselves apart. Is it really necessary to make such an incomprehensible drama out of it? This book explores five themes of puberty that represent a few of the important psychological needs that define this period, namely: Maturing and Developing, Personal Boundaries, Personal Engagement, Feeling Valued and Developing Your Identity. The most commonly used reproach during this puberty period is: “You have no idea” or “You don’t understand”. These are clear words that indicate a desire: “I need someone, someone who understands me”.

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David (name changed) is 25 years old, has already completed his training as an industrial clerk and is currently working on his master's degree...
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Our App NIKU Inception for Android & iOS are currently being tested for usability.