What Makes Reframing Successful

1. Concept

Experience has shown that there is no point in just working on its individual areas. Instead, the NIKU App offers a holistic concept:

2. Use of the App

Interacting with the app requires care, truthfulness, honesty and love for oneself and the surrounding community. 
You will choose one of them and in the next 14 days you will deal with this topic, called NIKU scenario. 
You yourself are the main actor of the events in your scenarios. You’ll get to immerse yourself in imaginative situations you have craved, but have not yet experienced in your own biography.

What does it feel like when you have achieved or received something you long for? This is the emotional experience you are striving for and want to internalize. 
This intensity, along with the careful handling of oneself, is cultivated actively and without interruption over 14 consecutive days. The App NIKU Inception is structured in such a way that it will guide you through the process.

The scenario, i.e., the text input and the images, work like a script for a movie – the movie of your life. The contents consolidate into an inner experience. The driving force is the concentration on the feeling “What is good for me”, “What nourishes me”. This feeling slowly begins to take hold. Just like a grain that forms roots and develops into a plant.

3. Daily Repetition as a Guarantee for Success

The first evening after the text input – preferably in the moment shortly before falling asleep —ideas will emerge from the text and the pictures. These ideas—repeated shortly before falling asleep, 14 days in a row—become memories and manifest themselves. Even in the morning, after waking up, you should remember your scenarios as emotionally as possible.

For 14 days in a row, you should adjust the contents in the morning and in the evening and correct the images that stimulate you. Your intuition will help you find out what is necessary to satisfy your needs. 

The result: you become one with yourself again and can develop new, positive life perspectives through the targeted aftercare of unfulfilled needs.

The NIKU method of reframing needs is the key to a better self and thus to a more fulfilled being.

4. Analog version of NIKU Inception

We have converted the app into an analog version. This allows book lovers in particular to write scenarios into the book.
We have 2 books.  “Reframing your Childhood” has 10 scenarios. This is followed by “Reframing your Adolescence” with 5 scenarios.