Promote Your Mental Development

The NIKU App´s supports you in identifying unmet needs and offers tools for stabilizing your personality and your mental development.

App NIKU Inception

NIKU Inception only takes a look at the past and re-programs it. In order to better understand your own life story, we have included examples. You can change these examples yourself and adapt them to your individual needs. 

You can make a new representation of your childhood. A movie that represents the experiences of your childhood, the experiences that are shaping you now. A movie of your childhood.

So, download our App NIKU Inception today!

App NIKU Inception En

App Psychological Help

With the App NIKU Psychological Help, you can “reframe” your personal needs in a new context to improve your mental strength and resilience. The psychological help app customizes your experiences by using an algorithm that focuses on individual need profiles.

In this app you have several sections:
– Vision Board
– Needs – for this we recommend App NIKU Inception
– NIKU Mentoring – see the book “The NIKU Method”.

Download our App NIKU Psychological Help today!