My aunt recently turned 90. I turned down the invitation with a heavy heart; I did not go to the family celebration. It was such a shame. I had to forego the social closeness that is so important to me, the love that I would have experienced. I had to miss the chance to make memories that would have given me strength, one-time memories that I can never make again.

But so many people are in the same situation. We are living in a world full of uncertainty more than ever before. Look into the future and what do you see? Only the horizon. We cannot see what lies ahead and we freeze because we do not know what to expect.


What happens to a person who stares into a void? Do they literally fall out of their familiar psychological and physical environment?

According to the natural course of human reactions, it is to be expected that from the first tremor, people will have a need to cope with what has happened, to find their way back to their life and to enjoy life again.

Many people do so by falling back on childlike behavior patterns, also known as regression. Why? Because the events surrounding Corona haven’t had a lasting influence on us yet. Everyone has to reorient and find something new. Those who have already experienced being alone have memories in them. The brain has something to fall back on. It’s almost like the brain has its own traces or footprints, like those that you leave in the snow when you wake up after a snowy night and walk along the previously untouched path. It’s fun, isn’t it?

You can view your own brain in the same way. An area has opened up that, like the snow, can be marked with traces or footprints. Fear stands in the way of fun. For us it is the fear of poverty, of the future. Fear is paralyzing, and what does a small child do when it falls over and hurts itself? It runs to its mother and when it reaches her, it stops crying.

Everyone who has ever had such an experience has the memories that can support them when experiencing similar situations in connection with the coronavirus. If you don’t yet have enough of these memories, the NIKU app can help (

Progressing with the NIKU app is good when the app user feels that immersing themselves in internal images is beneficial and they feel stronger when they leave these scenarios and come back to reality. In this case, each user can return to the scenarios and create memories of new experiences whenever they want. New positive and deeply emotional memories emerge. The scenarios help you to regain power over yourself, your own thoughts and your inner processes. As a result, people regain their strength and desire to master what lies ahead of them in real life. After all, that’s what really matters in these difficult corona times.

The Role Played By Role Models

Our individually stored memories give us support and stability in these hard times. For many people, parents are the inner role models and spark memories of situations experienced. The thing is, we have never experienced a global pandemic before. None of us. We are, however, seeing how different people are dealing with it. Some become role models, others don’t.

Some of those responsible, namely politicians, have become virtually invisible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of a politician who is appealing to other people and suggesting that they stay at home.

Hearing how a person is taking responsibility, behaving or acting gives us strength. In spatial terms, we don’t get to choose where we are, but internally, we can quite literally be mentally infected by powerful personalities.

The inner acceptance of role models and inner images that play out before your eyes when you think of these role models provides you with new ideas for yourself. This in turn arouses the desire to creatively shape your own situation. After all, politicians cannot solve our current problems; everyone has to deal with them themselves. NIKU helps you to do so.

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