Part of being human is experiencing anxiety. It is the body’s overreaction to an unknowing experience in daily life. In other words, anxiety is a protection mechanism for us living creatures against external dangers – but of course, too much of anything tends to turn into harm.

Common symptoms in the body are shortness of breath, sudden sweating, shaking of hands and legs, heart palpitations, tense muscles, feeling of something heavy in the stomach, and nausea.

Mood reactions are feeling inadequate and pessimistic, panicking, wanting to run, and thinking about harmful events.

So far, all the symptoms were a known face of anxiety.

the real question is:

Could anxiety be the comfort zone of people who experience anxiety?

It is essential to know that it is not necessary to have a very stressful life, be in a hectic business life, or experience a loss to have anxiety. Of course, these reasons can be triggering, but the defense mechanism works non-stop.

Feeling highly uneasy in the face of beautiful events may also be the invisible face of anxiety.

Normalizing constantly experiencing chaotic events and, as a result, getting used to living in panic can camouflage anxiety.

Aggressive anxiety manifests itself by asking ourselves, “Why is everything going so well?” while everything is going well. With this question, a return is made to the restless inner world that feels comfortable.

So, what does this state of mind provide and move backward?

It must be admitted that the feeling of mild anxiety helps us to survive and think in detail. While this perhaps allows us to be unique, extreme uneasiness begins to limit life.

One type of anxiety can lead to a different kind of anxiety. On the other hand, “perfectionism” emerges; the person becomes cruel to itself and cannot accept even a single mistake.

Cope with Anxiety

It is necessary to determine a way of how you will manage. People who have experienced it suggest it is possible to relax physically by thinking positively. But how to ensure positive thinking?
Walking in nature,
Taking time for yourself,
Writing, and
Staying in touch with animals

may be among our suggestions.

Awareness Above All

What has been said so far may reflect you. However, it can be determined that the version of you before anxiety and the new version of you created by fear. It is essential to know yourself and be objective about yourself.

The first step to mental health and support is identifying yourself. Ask yourself these questions: How are you feeling right now?

How do you feel around people? How are you physically?

And the second step could be to see how others deal with it at ChatH2H.

That’s exactly why ChatH2H was built, so that people can help each other through experience.

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