One of the best gifts you could give yourself is a slot in the day that’s dedicated to nothing but self-care and resolving prickly emotions, in order to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.

Most of us lead busy lives that leave us with little to no time to give to ourselves and our messy emotions. While this may work well in the short-term, the long-term risks of going through life without taking breaks include burn-out, increased anxiety, and a bad headspace.

These issues can then lead to lowered productivity, higher stress, procrastination, and work that’s lower quality.

A good morning routine gives you a chance to listen to yourself and connect with your emotional needs, preparing you to better handle the challenges you will face during the rest of your day.

Here are all the reasons you need to develop a robust morning routine.

Helps You Cut Back On Slack At Work

Have you ever noticed that despite the fact that you get to work on time, you start work late, which, in turn, leads to reduced quality of work? A lot of us can relate to this.

This happens because our mind and body aren’t ready to work this early in the day because we haven’t had the time to recover from yesterday’s emotional disturbances yet.

Morning routines help you wake up and start your day earlier, training your brain to kick in by the time you arrive at work.

A clear and active mind helps you work better and more creatively.

Reduces Stress And Amplifies Productivity

Imagine trudging through rough terrain in your car, never stopping to check if the tires need repairing, if the axel needs some fixing, or if the gas cylinder is in good shape.

Eventually, these issues will pile up, and your car will breathe its last.

We’re a lot like that car.

When we push through challenge after challenge for days, without resolving our emotions, or sitting with ourselves and taking necessary breaks to recover and replenish our energy, we tire ourselves out.

This makes the stress pile up, gnaws at our ability to focus, and takes away our ability to think creatively.

A morning routine gives you time for soul-searching, healing, and finding meaning in your work, giving productivity a huge boost.

Buys A Little More Time In The Day

Do you ever feel like your day ends sooner than you’d like it to? That’s because we lead lives that start and end with work, and by the time we get done with the day’s work, we’re too exhausted to do anything else.

Morning routines get you to wake up earlier, and buy you some time to do something you truly love—helping you start your day with a smile.

What A Good Morning Routine Looks Like

A good morning routine includes things that help take the stress away, relax your mind, and make you happy.

Nothing is better than starting your day with a positive mindset. And what better way to get into a positive frame of mind than to work on self improvement and growth.

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