A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses.’’

  James ALLEN

Think about it: you wake up, and everything seems normal. You suddenly feel negative thoughts covering your entire body.

So what do you do in this situation?

First, this is a process we have all experienced at least once. Negative beliefs can limit life in the long term; our routine tasks become magnified in our eyes, we are afraid to do them, or we cannot act. Our actions reflect our thoughts, and many scenarios lead us to a dead end. As we cannot do our jobs, this situation causes a harmful life.

Why do negative beliefs find us?

These unpleasant thoughts, which are the beginning of anxiety, arise from overthinking. Thoughts are not blocked, but we do not need to polish every thought. In a study conducted by psychologist Daniel Wegner and his colleagues 1987, participants were asked not to think of the ‘white bear.’ Upon feedback from the participants, it was determined that they felt more about the white bear. This is called ‘rebound’ in the world of Psychology. Any pressure not to think backfires and causes us to think more, which is exactly why negative thoughts cannot be prevented. Sometimes, a person focuses on negative thinking so much that person thinks that if a negative outcome one expects does not occur, they will enjoy it and be happy.

What are negative thoughts?

The uncontrollable thoughts we mentioned may be sabotaging oneself, the idea of harming another person, or even always focusing on negative scenarios in the face of happy events. These negative thoughts are specific to the individual, but only one solution exists. It even affects our decision-making mechanism. We may need help making the right decision or focus, and problems may arise in the long run. On the other hand, experiencing bad events can also trigger harmful thoughts. As can be seen, negative thoughts can manifest themselves in different ways.

What is recommended?

Firstly, we must know that we should start by realizing we have intrusive thoughts.

We need to label these negative thoughts and not constantly say, ‘This is a bad thought.’ Then, write these thoughts down: What thoughts make you feel uncomfortable? What do you believe in? Since you cannot immediately write down the thoughts that come to you, it can slow down the bad thought mechanism, and the other one is that writing it down means getting it out of your head.

Another suggestion is to respond positively to negative thoughts.

It’s hard to let our thoughts come and go; if we’re going to have an answer, why not have a positive version?


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