Re-analyzing your life to figure out what you really want to ‘do’ is a mix of overwhelming and empowering. It also comes with its share of confusion and pressure.

The ‘pull’ could come when you’re eighteen, or on your 60th birthday—and the older you get, the harder it is to figure your true purpose.

If you’re going through that phase right now, here are some ways to find answers.

Think Ahead—What Will Your Life Look Like Five Years From Now?

If you’re middle-aged, you’ve probably heard this question at least a million times in interviews. From job interviews to training sessions, we’re often asked about where we see ourselves.

The reason this question is so popular is that thinking ahead and visualizing your ideal life speaks volumes about your desires. So don’t think of this visual exercise as a measure of your competence.

Think of it as a window into your heart.

So find a quiet corner, close your eyes, and imagine your life five years from now. How well are you doing financially? Do you have children? What do you do? Do you work in a different company? What keeps you busy?

The more questions you ask yourself, the deeper this visualization will get, and the more clarity you will achieve.

Find A Role Model And Shadow Them

There must be someone you see and go, ‘this is the person I’d like to become one day.’

Someone who’s doing what you’d love to do, and living the kind of life that speaks to you.

This person could be anyone from a boss or a teacher to a friend or even a sibling. The good news is that if you have someone like this around you, you already have some idea of what you want.

To find out more and get deeper insight, shadow them for a bit—but make sure you take their permission first!

Find out what they do, what their daily routine looks like and the kinds of tasks they need to do on a daily basis.

Dive Deep Into The World Of Side Projects

Sometimes, the best way to figure out what you want to do is the good old trial and error method.

In most cases, this simply means taking on several projects in areas that appeal to you over a period of time and giving yourself time to familiarize yourself with different things that you like.

If you still can’t figure out your answer, you could always turn to technology and download the NIKU application. The app is created based on the principles of neuropsychology and makes use of a complex algorithm to help you get back in touch with yourself, functioning as an online psychological counselor or a life coach.

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