Isolation And Trauma
The Effect on the Psyche in Times of Corona - Isolation and Trauma

Isolation and Trauma. The biggest change for a person is when their familiar surroundings change, and the worst is when they lose people. They are left alone to deal with everything. Isolation is loss, because the freedom to meet others and to be with each other has completely disappeared.

In isolation, memories from earlier times increase. These include those that are not really welcome. This is accompanied by emotions such as pain, anger and despair. Moments of what we have previously experienced become moments of the present. Triggers are on the rise and making life a mess.

Isolation And Trauma – The Perception In Isolation

It is not the fault of the individual person who experiences something like this. Here, mental hygiene is more important than ever. The perception of one’s own needs is the main priority. No interpretations, just perception without judgment. Looking the horror of the past in the eye is the first step towards healing from past traumatic experiences.

But doing so is a complicated matter because the nature of human beings is such that you prefer not to allow such experiences to happen inside. Or you may be lucky enough to have someone by your side whom you experience more strongly than yourself in such moments. Nevertheless, you cannot suddenly conjure up such a person. The Terminator will not simply knock on your door.

What does that mean? When a person has experienced a trauma, they feel powerless and unable to avert the worst. In order to endure the pain and transform this situation, a person must actively experience an alternative to their attitude towards this event. This is not a cognitive matter, but an inner experience, an active inner experience. This is necessary to transform the traumatic experience.

Isolation And Trauma
Isolation And Trauma. It’s never too late for a happy childhood.

Experiences That Make You Happy

The focus is on needs. These are now the most important thing. You need to focus on your own needs. Only key experiences that are closely related to satisfying these needs have a transforming and strengthening effect on the psyche and make it free again.

The NIKU app helps you to achieve this. NIKU is designed so that everyone can create scenarios that allow them to mentally live through such experiences. Everything is allowed in the imagination. The most important thing is to inwardly experience how the limits of the impossible are crossed. It doesn’t matter if you have the Terminator supporting you mentally and deeply inside you or have someone by your side whom you experience more than yourself. Transform your experiences, especially the bad ones! The heart of the present day is beating inside every one of us, no matter what has occurred in the past. Everyone has the power to carry on, they just need to know how to do it.

Use NIKU and build scenarios that help you to satisfy the needs that occur emotionally deep inside your soul. Your intuition and inner imagination know what would be good to experience. In your heart, you know exactly what makes you happy. Experience this inwardly and embark on your journey to reality.

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