Knowing yourself may seem like just an action; When we dig deeper semantically, we see that we have much to do for ourselves. We never know when our journey will begin. It may arise when we cannot cope with our problems. The speed and efficiency of recovery are entirely individual.

So, where do we start?

We believe that everything related to “ourselves” is a process. First, you go through blurry times where nothing is clear. Then, you find yourself with surprising clarity. This may continue as a cycle or a circle, but what is our attitude in this case?

We are all different versions of each other, but still unique. The first step to knowing ourselves is to be at peace with ourselves. Regardless of our mistakes, problems, and truths, we have to be objective towards ourselves. The biggest obstacle in knowing ourselves is that we cannot attribute these mistakes or inappropriate behaviors to ourselves. But this is a mistake. Being human does not mean that we do everything perfectly and flawlessly.

So what do we mean when we say let’s get to know ourselves?

We can define it as knowing our body, knowing our thoughts, describing our character in the best way, and being in a stable mood.
Sometimes, when we are bored, we find ourselves constantly blaming ourselves. We tend to be harsh on ourselves because of circumstances beyond our control. The reason for this is to blame yourself for not knowing yourself. When we look for an offender, it is always ourselves. It is easy for us to do this without any mistakes or reasons. In such situations, even if you are the one to blame, it is essential to learn from this situation without putting it on yourself. Remember, how you feel is very important.

Here are the essential questions we have prepared for you to ask yourself:

How are you today?

If you were to buy yourself a gift, what would it be?

What do or don’t you do when you are sad?

When was the last time you took time for yourself?

Do you motivate yourself?

Although many people attempt to know themselves and heal, they may fail or think it is useless.
We want to remind you that it is part of the process. Another point we need to add is knowing your core values: Psychologists say people have eight core values: responsibility, self-control, love, honesty, justice, respect, helpfulness, and patience. Souls exploring and embracing our wounds is part of the healing process. Sometimes, healing takes time, but we must know which part of ourselves we need to heal. Do we have fears? What makes us unique? What is our tolerance level? What are our red lines? Identifying the points where we exceed these can increase our awareness. Since we know that we all have strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to accept them all.

What Should We Do?

Of course, as we said before, how are you when we are alone? How are you when you are with your loved ones?

Write down the differences you observe in yourself: How do you see yourself? How are you actually?
Make small plans for the future: What are you doing to fulfill these plans? How is this process going for you?
Observe your attitude towards events: And state what you would not do if you experienced such an event again.
Make time for yourself: The time you spare is the best quality time.
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