Learned helplessness can be called a pessimistic mood that occurs due to the failure of a person’s past experiences.

This situation, which only changes briefly, can make the person feel worthless and ineffective over time. Over time, a person cannot take action in cases related to himself/himself.

Wanting success is an inevitable desire, but taking action means nothing for people with learned helplessness. The person thinks that s/he will always fail – even if he is an excellent expert at something –
This phenomenon has no age group so that everyone can see it. Of course, this may occur differently in children. We will also include this part in our article.

In general, failure in life, business life, and lack of motivation form the basis of learned helplessness.

What causes it?
We can give examples of

-Being constantly exposed to criticism

-Not being appreciated by relatives

-Insisting and putting pressure on expectations

-Be prone to depression

-Living a stressful, traumatic life

It has also been observed that people who experience earthquakes or natural disasters, for example, experience learned helplessness.

How Do We Know When We Are in Learned Helplessness?

-Low self-esteem

-Staying away from social life and doing only the basic needs to fulfill one’s life

-Constantly focusing on and accepting the pain

-Mindset is always negative
distinctive feelings such as these may be observed.

Learned Helplessness in Children

The helplessness in children may not appear as it does in adults. For example, a child who is not successful enough in school or cannot progress in sports will likely focus on failure in the future. Another critical point is that the child reflects on himself/himself the attention or concern s/he cannot receive from her parents and is forced to participate in a stressful and pessimistic growth process.

How to Treat Learned Helplessness


We know how complicated this process is. It may seem impossible to focus on the good and avoid thinking negatively. When a person is told, “Don’t think negatively,” a person automatically starts to think. For this reason, you can start by changing the sentences.

Change Your Language!

It may seem like the easiest way to be cruel to oneself. However, try to change your communication sentences towards yourself.

You can replace the sentence “I can’t succeed at all” with “I believe I will succeed when I try again.” You can replace the sentence “I don’t need to do it, I can’t do it anyway” with “I can try again.”

Start with small steps!

Identify small situations that we can control. So how? You can start by reinforcing the conditions in which you are best. You should avoid blaming yourself for events that you cannot control or that are multifunctional.

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