Psychology and Isolation
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Psychology and Isolation. This whole corona story is extremely exhausting. It’s the uncertainty that does it. It takes a lot out of us, not knowing what’s going to change. And a lot of things are going to change. We know that and we fear that because we don’t know where life will take us.

After the initial excitement about whether we will have enough to eat and whether the shops will have empty shelves or not came the phase of initial calm. And now?

The Shock-Induced Paralysis – Psychology and Isolation

Some people may consider it over the top to go into shock because of corona. But what do we know about how people really feel? Recently I wrote a paper on mental hygiene. The perception of how you feel is the first step towards mental health. It is perception without judgment. The perception of one’s own being is very important for a number of reasons. Allowing emotions and all the fantasies that go with them is also part of mental hygiene. Being paralyzed with shock is therefore allowed, but what comes next?

The answer: the release of the power needed to grab life by the horns!

I hope that every person will experience this, that after the initial numbness or wondering what is going on, they will feel the strength to tackle life again and to find a new focus. We need that, for ourselves and for all of us. However, very few people actually experience this so directly.

What prevents a person from tackling things anew? Sigmund Freud gave us the answer a century ago: “The ego is not master in its own house”.

That Which Is Inherent In Us

What do the words of Freud mean for everyday life in times of corona? Before the pandemic, everyone tried to make the best out of life. Especially in Germany, most people were exposed to a stress level that could hardly be topped. Days, months, and even years went by without interruption – maybe with a short holiday every now and then but then straight  back to the company or the desk.

Things worked okay like that, but we all have our past. No matter how long the period of power and commitment lasted – be it for the family or for work – there was a time that existed before that.

And that time still plays a role now because all the experiences of life are still in us. Many people have brought injuries with them into their adult life. Many of these are not active but come to the surface in times of rest or change.

In the next article you will learn more about traumatization and how to deal with it. But even without traumatizing experiences, life is not always easy. We don’t have to pathologize immediately.

Psychology and Isolation – The Pyramid of Needs

At first, we were afraid for our existence and had no psychological problems. Then we were given a lot of security and help from the government, meaning that the existential needs were largely met. Now it’s the turn of the psyche again. We have to take care of the psyche. NIKU is not psychotherapy. The NIKU app is a tool. Every person can align their psyche, satisfy their needs, and become successful and happy – with the NIKU app.

To try NIKU, download it from Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore. This app works on ‘reframing of needs’ principal and functions as an online psychological counselor or a life coach, helping you look at life with a fresh, new perspective.

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