The Psyche
The Psyche. The app also contains a “Repairing” area. But what exactly does repairing the psyche entail? Very simple: with the help of scenarios, important sequences from the past are experienced anew.

The Psyche. It is closeness, human closeness, that we love. We love hugs, parties, and hikes and we like to be outside. Each of us remembers the beautiful moments we have spent together and the celebrations we have enjoyed together. And now, suddenly, we are all separated.

We are sitting within the walls of isolation. Those living alone feel lonely and are afraid that nobody is there for them. Most families are trying to make the best of it by keeping themselves busy – somehow. Nobody wants to admit that the others are getting on their nerves. Our lives have been torn to pieces in an instant and we fear for our health. But we are determined to make the best of it.

And who thinks about the psyche? It is also fragile. Maintaining mental hygiene during the quarantine period is of particular importance – both for now and for later.

The Psyche and Mental Hygiene

Mental hygiene is caring for the psyche. Just like you clean your body after getting up in the morning, it is also important to look after your psyche. But how?

All thoughts and emotions run through the brain; nothing works without it. It has many different areas that are responsible for specific tasks. Deep inside there is also a small place for emotions.

Memories are closely connected to emotions and are like the street you walk along. Where the proverbial penny previously dropped and stirred up emotions, a path has now unwillingly been cleared on which similar situations take place.

Emotions are closely related to needs. This emotional system has registered both every hug and every slap in the face in detail, regardless of whether you want it to or not.

Mental hygieneis the way to understandyourself better and better. The more consciously a person understands their emotions, needs, and the influence of memories, the more consciously they can chart their path in life. The will does not lead; the emotions do. We therefore first need to understand these emotions, even the gentlemen among us :).

Behavior, the use of intelligence, and integrity are the benefits gained when you understand your own psyche. If you take your own mental hygiene seriously, you learn to feel the unconscious, emotional inner processes. You learn to differentiate and to intervene in the unconscious inner processes. Life becomes more relaxed and interesting at the same time if you are in harmony with the energy of life.

Needs, Memories And Emotions

Nobody can cope with isolation very well. We have the need to go out, to work, to shop, and to be carefree. And now, suddenly, things are different. How does the psyche respond to this new situation?

At first it does nothing, because there are still enough stimuli to distract ourselves. Even the isolation doesn’t seem to matter at first. Social media, video conferencing, and WhatsApp initially help to keep the mood positive.

After a few days, the soul starts to realize that something is different. Time seems to tick slower and you perceive what you have long forgotten. Old triggers wake up and appear at random. This is independent of whether they are traumatizing triggers or good memories. These topics will be dealt with in part 5. This part, on the other hand, is about caring for the psyche when triggers do not cause problems. One of the tools for this is the NIKU app, which offers several areas: the Vision Board, Repairing, Mentoring, and the Trauma Area.

Vision Board

One feature of the NIKU app is the Vision Board, in which life goals are visualized. The board contains texts and images that fix the horizon. Their task is to ensure that the goals and visions set remain visible in times of crisis.

Psyche And Repairing

The app also contains a “Repairing” area. But what exactly does repairing the psyche entail? Very simple: with the help of scenarios, important sequences from the past are experienced anew. Users can replace the experiences that are perceived as bad or insufficient, various examples of which include too little love, too much restriction, and everything that was not good or was lacking in the past.

The NIKU app enables users to reflect on their own past, select their needs, and repair them.

NIKU Mentoring

In the NIKU app you will find three areas of reality management: Family, Job and Leisure. You can find mentors, namely people you look up to, for each of these areas. It is not important whether this person is available in real life. The inner relationship to this person alone opens up unimagined possibilities. Staying in this atmosphere helps users to gain fresh energy and to perceive the future in a new way.

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