They Only See One Way Out.

They Only See One Way Out. Have you ever asked yourself why we have so many mentally ill people among us, even though there seem to be psychotherapists around every corner? The organization MQ Mental Health, for example, which secures funding reaching six-figure sums, claims, “Mental illness affects up to one in four of us, yet funding for this health crisis has stagnated.”

How is it that even those who are responsible for the solutions are bemoaning the situation? 

So what is the dilemma; what is it about mental illness? Actually, no one dares to tackle the subject, even though most people know something must be wrong. The neuroscientist Professor Roth actually got to the heart of the issue at one of the Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks in Germany. After he explained the impact brain processes have on mental health and declared that the solution was within reach in the room, he received responses such as: “So are we all supposed to study brain research now?”. See more by watching the video (in German, text in englisch) “Gerhard Roth: Who makes our decisions?” or read the German excerpt and English translation at

The Difference: Behavioral vs. Brain Research

The difference is clear to all: behavioral research and brain research are worlds apart. In fact, these areas have nothing to do with each other. This is why people who, for example, have received too little attention and react irritably to the reactions of fellow human beings are judged or diagnosed on the basis of their behavior.

Let’s try a small experiment: Look at yourself and think about how irritated you would be if, for instance, you did not get anything to eat and instead had to watch the rest of the family eat happily. Hunger can make you aggressive and continues to do so until it is satisfied.

What Triggers Aggression?

You can take an emotion test on the website from NIKU Neuro. Sometimes we get into conversations with our readers and app users, and it concerns us to hear statements like: “I had to stop therapy – it didn’t suit me at all – but after that, there was no one there for me”, “All I did was cry, but my therapist provoked me and said I was aggressive”, “I felt even more alone”, etc.

It is proven that the procedure of the psychotherapy that is currently practiced can stir up aggression. In people who have experienced emotional neglect, this can lead to discontinuation of psychotherapy and also to an unbearable psychological state.

And that will never end. Until the professions that are responsible for this problem change their practices, these bad experiences and the suffering that is caused will continue to exist. As the Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman says, “nature cannot be fooled”.

NIKU Helps With Therapy Processes

Therapists cannot be strong caregivers at the same time, changing and confronting the inner structures of childhood to let the inner hunger rise. Without NIKU, the hunger remains unbearable. And there’s one thing that gets me thinking: there is so much criticism of other professions, occupations, and businesses; it is only doctors and psychologists who are not criticized.

NIKU can be helpful, offering an app and books that heal the wounds of the past. We have proposed NIKU as a program suitable for personal use that quenches a person’s mental needs at the deepest levels of their personality. NIKU can be practiced by using the books “Reframing Your Childhood” and “Reframing Your Adolescence” and the NIKU Inception App. The scientific basis for this was written by the memory researcher (natural sciences) Professor H. J. Markowitsch in the co-written book: “Reframing of Needs”, Springer Verlag 2019.


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