The history of mankind shows that there can always be situations in which people are alone.

Sudden changes are not for everyone. As much as people long for security and tranquility, they are not getting them right now. Sudden changes are frightening as people realize: “I’m actually quite alone with this”.

Many people are currently quarantined, cut off from the world from one day to the next. Whether young or old – it can affect everyone. But is everyone prepared for this mentally?

What does a person in mental terms to remain efficient and powerful?

When you are on your own so much, you need a strong ME. The inner structure of a person not only comes from themselves but also grows out of bonds and connections. This is because we humans long for other people. We need these other people. We therefore carry pictures, memories and inner dialogues within us, especially from previous experiences. We call them internal representations.

Internal Representations and Memories

We can best understand what internal representations are by calling them “internal parents”. People, all people conduct something similar to internal dialogues with those persons who played an important role in their first years of life. In mental development positive internal representations play a decisive role, while negative internal representations do just the same thing, playing a decisive role again, but we cannot just simply discard them. But, and this is important for our topic here: where good, appropriate internal representations are created with the help of mental Neuroimplants and sooner or late gain the upper hand, the negative ones slowly decrease in impact. This makes for a new task in life: to enter into patient, positive relationships and bonds which then makes it completely possible to discard the negative representations after all.

Or to put it more simply: a mentally invisible framework which is subconscious but still noticeable, “sense-able”, in its effects is built up with positive, internal bonds and relationships and this framework is made from memories. These internal representations can then feel like our parents or other reference persons are speaking to us, and the feelings are beautiful ones when we have the corresponding good memories.

In addition to the permanent psychological bonding from past experiences and our internal mental dialogues, something new comes into play here: our endocrine system which functions according to which experiences have become standard parts of our everyday life. For a normal healthy development with the appropriate neurotransmitters being released in the brain, humans have to have not only that “other person” we talked about above, they need in addition a proper, pleasurable and stimulating kind of relationship so that the endocrine system releases the appropriate reward transmitters.

Depending on how the other person accepts somebody else, the result can turn out positive or negative for the mental system of that somebody. It is a truism that humans cannot not think. With the help f NIKU these internal dialogues can very well be directed in a beneficial, supportive way. Memories that are won in this way with NIKU become the new mental framework for constructing one’s mind day by day.

The NIKU app and internal representations

The NIKU method was created based on the reason that every person can change this mechanism of internal representations in a natural way for themselves. In the app, people build scenarios with content that satisfies psychological needs – as things could have been back in their childhood.

With NIKU it is very easy to direct these inner conversations in a kind or supportive way. The memories thus acquired become the psychological framework on which the psychological structure of a person’s personality is built day by day.

If you create psychological neuro-implants, that is, if you install this internal representation in yourself, you act on your own initiative. This is exactly why the NIKU app was created.