The current impacts that Corona is having are not nice. However, we have no choice and suddenly have to reorganize our lives. When doing so, we only have one enemy: our brain. Yes, you’ve understood correctly: be it yours, mine or somebody else’s, no brain loves sudden change.

I’m sitting here on my laptop very early in the morning and thinking about everyone who does not have a sense of happiness that makes them feel safe. Am I infected too? I don’t really know, and that’s how many people are feeling. I don’t feel ill; I feel healthy and powerful. Should I follow the recommendations and avoid going out? I would normally go for a jog and enjoy the nature outdoors, which makes me feel great.

Sudden Changes

In the past, members of some Indian tribes handled changes differently. After a long gallop, they stopped. The Indian sat motionless on his horse, which he had previously brought to a standstill. He sat on him with dignity and the world stopped: until the soul followed.

We cannot wait for the soul to follow. We have to act, make decisions, keep a clear head and act against our needs.

We only perceive the information we receive selectively. The more fear arises, the more selective the sequences of our perception become. And the effect is what we are experiencing: not everyone is able to fully accept this information and is therefore endangering themselves and possibly all of us.


Our brains start forming memories some time long before our birth, memories that will later have strong influence on our whole life! Memories from childhood days invoke emotions, they accompany us, more or less consciously. But and this is essential for us now: the less our needs were fulfilled in childhood, the more we keep thinking about what was missing then and is still lacking today. That ties down a large amount of energy and costs a large amount of time and keeps us from seeing life from a healthy, powerful perspective and to tackle life’s challenges and possibilities. Life’s energies get tied down again and again and we get inhibited. We don’t have that feeling of, maybe, moving mountains. Whoever has had that feeling must realize how much people with unstilled needs suffer with their fate.

The degree of suffering from this pain perception cannot be imagined by anyone else. It can be so painful for the person that he or she doesn’t even remember anything from that time of neglect. But it is really important to admit this pain into conscious awareness, to “let it in” and instead of this deficient background create new Scenarios. These Scenarios at first are mere thoughts that are built up into Scenarios, internal, mental stories, internal, mental experiences. It isn’t of any relevance whatsoever these stories are really examples of wishful thinking. What is of relevance is the idea how it would have felt like if the needs had been granted fulfillment at the moment in childhood. What is of relevance is the emotional experience which is lived through as in the Scenario. When these stories are experienced “deep down inside the mind”, resources are triggered and new memories are in fact formed.

Memories are the traces of life.

Memories make people what they are today. And with new memories, even false memories which don’t actually represent past realities but which have been constructed under, for example, NIKU’s guidance. In this way the real physiological structure of the brain, its supply of connections is changed as well as the perspectives for future behavior.

We all have hidden wishes and ideas for things to experience. If we realize that, and if we “feel” through such scenes and ideas emotionally, if we just imagine them vividly, they in fact modify the brain’s physiological material as if they had been experienced in full, in reality. With the help of NIKU every mental idea can be intensified. Scenarios that are “lived through” emotionally and mentally grow in your parts of your past and constitute new memories. It is purely secondary whether the “people” who are giving somebody else true inner care and attention are ever real or have been imagined up out of a very real, unfulfilled need. In both of these cases the brain reacts the same.

After all: Whoever is capable of dreaming:

Doesn’t Helene Fischer sing that beautifully:

Only if you can dream can you change the world.

You should be the first, it’s within your grasp,

everybody has the right to live, you only have to give what you can.

Only if you can believe, moves other people’s hearts sometime.

You find friends for life,

and the eyes of children then shine bright.

We can find peace and only that is really important.

All we need is a little courage and that alone does us good.

Building up a joint future,

full of hope and full of trust.

All people offer the others their open hand.

But is the world really ready?

Are you really ready?

Only if you can dream can you change the world.

You should be the first, it’s within your grasp,

everybody has the right to live, you only have to give what you can.

Only if you….

Helene Fischer sings about something that the neurosciences can confirm. Our wishes and in fact our dreams can be found the solution for how to introduce new, lively particles to our chain of emotions, which will then reduce and forever terminate our pain particles. In fact, we can only “let go”, relinquish something, even terribly painful things, if the brain receives new impulses for fulfilling our basic needs.

How The NIKU App Helps

You can find out how your dreams can become reality by starting with the Vision Board in the NIKU app. Here you can record your life goals and wishes.

You can then go to the “Needs” section to finally address your long-held desires. Create scenarios and internalize them. By lingering in these moments day after day, they will become part of your very being.

Yes, it’s that simple and I don’t understand why nobody has shown us this before. But it works, because “false memories” created in this way create new structures in the brain and fulfill our needs. They are part of ourselves because the brain has produced them. If you approach this systematically, you can fall back on the resources of these memories.

Use the NIKU app and you will come out of the corona crisis feeling both strong and healthy.

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