The NIKU Method and Psychotherapy Part 2

Work on the inner child. It is always good to be held by another person and the inner child is strengthened. But does it really help? Here the question would be to ask what it should help with. Should it calm down? To give the feeling of symbiosis? Short-term relief from loneliness – friends can also do that. What is the difference between working on the inner child and the care of the best friend?

Seminars with the theme “The Inner Child” have become fashionable. It seems to be the panacea for many problems, from loneliness to career, as well as for all kinds of problems that occur in relationships, partnership, burn-out and in various areas of life. Well recognized! Because many of these areas are about needs that have not been satisfied. However, if you pay money, then effectiveness must play a role.

The Ambition To Heal

It is the medical profession, the medical and psychological therapist and the alternative practitioner who are concerned with healing people. But it seems that something has become independent, because in the meantime it is the trainers and coaches, social media managers and many offshoots of such courses who feel predestined to hold seminars and individual sessions for the inner child. In conversations with 10 randomly selected providers, 100% of the word healing was mentioned and the claim of (on healing) healing. And then this spreads like a snowball system. Once you have booked such a course, then you want to do someone else as good as you have experienced it yourself. Also, because you have paid a lot of money yourself, you can demand money from someone who is in need. An unbelievable cycle and an oversupply of courses from people who have not grown up, who have no professional training in healing professions, but who practice these professions in full conviction, with the claim: to heal.

No studies on “Work on the Inner Child

Just as psychotherapy does not make its processes available for research, there are no studies on the effectiveness of work with the inner child. There is no supervision of the most important area of our life: the psyche.

What Must Be Right By Nature

What cannot be right by nature is the repetition of childhood with a real reference person. It simply cannot be done. That’s what psychotherapy tries to do by getting the patient to regress. The problem here is that the therapist controls this process. This means that the patient cannot experience the most important thing: the affection as an expression of the infinity for which he longs. The patient himself cannot take control either, because he still has the longing to lose control and only be loved. Well that is exactly what he does not get.

In seminars for the inner child I see the following problem. The client goes into regression, becomes needy and a kind of dependence arises. The provider usually controls the process so that the adult ego of the client turns to his own childlike ego. It is a process until the adult part of the ego can accept and love itself inwardly as a child, like a good mother. But what is inherently wrong in this process is the following principle: if the mother could not give the love or for whatever reason the inner child has become needy, then the adult ego can no more give to itself what it did not get. Because the brain develops thanks to the bonds and relationships we experience. If we do not experience that, then that is missing.

The NIKU Method And The Inner Child

With the NIKU method, especially in the NIKU Inception app, it is possible to add completely new elements that stimulate the imagination, deeply intimate and just for yourself.

These areas should be explored more. I am still sceptical whether a person is capable of a deep transformation in the presence of another person. Many elements play a role: shame, fear of rejection, fear of renewed rejection and much more. Once you have understood the app, which is easy, there are no limits to your imagination.

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